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Radiation Treatments


GammaTile Therapy (STaRT)

GammaTile Therapy® is an implanted Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy also know as STaRT.[2] About the size of a postage stamp, the bioresorbable GammaTile is embedded with 4 small radiation sources. Placed in the last few minutes of brain surgery, the GammaTiles immediately begin delivering targeted radiation to the area where the tumor was removed, limiting radiation exposure to healthy tissue. 

Over time, and after the therapeutic dose of radiation has been delivered, the body naturally resorbs the collagen GammaTiles. No follow-up surgery for removal is needed.


Radiotherapy (SRT) 

SRT is a precise form of external beam radiation therapy or EBRT (eg, GammaKnife, CyberKnife). During SRT treatment, patients are fitted with a mask that keeps their head perfectly still as a high dose of radiation is delivered to the tumor site.[1] SRT is targeted directly at the brain tumor to limit radiation exposure to healthy tissue.[1] It is typically completed on an outpatient basis in 1 to 5 treatments.[1]



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